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Shifting Sand!


We are reminded daily that stability in our world is non-existent.  We were asked this week to pray as a nation for the terrorist attacks that happened in France, as we should.  Yet in our nation we have had a football coach dismissed because he prayed on the field after the game.  Players have been threatened with ejections if they continue to acknowledge God during the game.

So which is pray to God and acknowledge His place in our lives or be penalized for acknowledging Him?

Work, play, people, government; they all let us down when it comes to stability for our lives.  The Bible is very clear, we are to put our trust in God and God alone.

Tuesday Night Bible Study is up and going


We are in John's Gospel.  Our next night will be on the 17th of November.  We will be in chapter 6.

Kingdom Kids

It is going strong.  The kids are enjoying it and I think those who are leading it are having a good time as well.  It you know of a child between K-5th grade that is not coming invite them to join.  That is a part of discipleship on your part. Time for this event is 6-7 pm.


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