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Walking by Faith and not Sight


When I was a kid I can remember going "coon hunting" with my dad.  Walking through the woods at night caused my imagine to run wild.  What was on the outter edge of that kerosene lantern that my dad carried?


Dad walked quickly and with a sense of purpose.  It was like he could see where we were going even though I could not.  I trusted that he would not get us lost.  And from what I can remember of those nights we got home.  We never spent a night lost in the woods.


Walking with Jesus requires faith, trust as well.  Often we cannot see where He is leading us.  In the end we must depend on Him completely to get us safely through the day's journey.


Trusting in Jesus helps us to not give in to living our lives too safely.  If we give in to the safety of only what we can see we will miss out on the thrill of experiencing what Jesus will work out in the world through our lives.


Walking close to Jesus we can accomplish His purposes in His strength.





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