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The Sponge

I was wiping the kitchen counter off the other day (yes, occasionally I wipe the counter off) and noticed how the sponge soaked up the water.  Not just what was under it, but if given enough time, would soak up water that was around the sponge.

It has caused me to think about each of us individually as Christians and our ability to soak up everything that we can learn about Jesus.  Both at church while in worship, Sunday school, daily devotions and any Bible study that we may be involved in.

You see, I think it is important that we continually soak up knowledge about Jesus.  That is what a healthy, growing disciple does, soak up as much as possible.

Do we recall how God has answered prayers and acknowledged to God how grateful we were?  And then we put that away (soaked it up) and then later found ourselves totally confident about God answering pray because we had been a witness to it in the past.

When we feel God is putting people in our presence to witness to them we have full confidence in God’s ability to use us effectively because we have seen Him at work in our lives and those around us.

Be a sponge, soak up all that you can concerning Jesus so that you may be an effective disciple of His.  Don’t ever let your life become ineffective to the point that you just lay in the knowledge and are not willing or able to soak it up.





Kingdom Kids


Kingdom Kids will resume in September.  If you know of a child who is in K-5th grade that is not coming invite them to join us for this fun time of fellowship each Monday night from 6-7 p.m.


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