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Feeling Sorry for Ourselves 


Hiking in the mountains or around the Grand Canyon requires attention to the surroundings.  You always want to be aware of the "edges".  Trails can be dangers if you get too close.  Trying to get an extra good look over the rim of the Grand Canyon can bring an unexpected disaster.

In a devotional from a couple of days ago warned about self-piy.  When we let that emotion get the best of us we are nearing a very dangerous pit.  It is a pit that has edges that will easily give way and crumble beneath us.  And before we know what has happened we are on the way down.

Once we are in this pity of self-pity it is very difficult to get out.  It is a trap that Satan has prepared to ensnare us.  As Christians we need to be aware of what is happening around us.

That is why Jesus warns us of this trap.

We can claim His protection by praising and thanking Jesus for all He does for us.  Move closer to Him, thus moving further away from the "pit."

Let's make every effort today to fix our eyes upon Jesus.




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