First Baptist Church offers a preschool for children ages 18 months- Pre-K.


  In the First Baptist Preschool program each child is regarded as God's special creature. Each will be loved as the unique individual he/she is. Curriculum is a well-balanced enrichment program designed to help each child understand his/her relationship with our loving heavenly Father and to experience God's presence in each day of life. Teachers encourage and support children as they build readiness skills for future academic learning and increase competence and independence. Children will be guided into positive social interactions that stress Christian values.
Preschool is the initial step in enlarging the child's world. The atmosphere of the program reflects God's love expressed through music, prayer, conversation, movement and scripture. In this environment each child is encouraged to grow into the unique person God has created him or her to be.
*  Two year olds learn through their own experience, trial and error, repetition and imitation. Adults guide and encourage this be ensuring that the environment is safe and supportive.
*  Three year olds learn through organized play. The children will receive a lot of love and encouragement as they try new things.
*  The Fours program is designed to enhance motor skills and social skills to provide a natural flow into the Pre-kindergarten program the following year.
*  The Pre-kindergarten program has been created to provide a gentle transition to kindergarten and to enhance rather than duplicate that experience. 

  This was found in an article written by Ellen H. Parlapiano published in Scholastic.  She had collected this information from a group of what she calls "highly regarded kindergarten teachers".  She had asked them to list the skills that they and their colleagues hope new students possess.  Here are the top readiness skills that kindergarten teachers are looking for.

  1.  Enthusiasm Toward Learning

  2.  Solid Oral-Language Skills

  3.  The Ability to Listen

  4.  The Desire to Be Independent

  5.  The Ability to Play Well with Others

  6.  Strong Fine-Motor Skills

  7.  Basic Letter and Number Recognition

   This is what we at First Baptist Preschool try to accomplish with our Pre-K program.


Enrolling For 2016- 2017

Two's - (18mos. By September 1st) - 1 morning a week

Three's - 2 mornings per week

Four's - 2, 3 or 4 mornings per week

Pre-K - 4 mornings per week

Scholarships available

Enrichments days for Fours and Pre-K clases



Heather Woodall, Director

Teresa Vaughan, Coordinator of Curriculum and Child Development